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Wow! He's beautiful! You are LUCKY to have found such a cool cat! Hope to meet him some day.


Caring for this creature will make you an even better creature.

Hamilton & Miss Ellie

Welcome to the family, Cuz!

Henry & Jackson

We love you, Lucky! (But we WILL kick your ass if you ever try to eat our food...)

Dean Morgan

Cats clean themselves.
I have a blog again.


Hey--nice, fat cat. But, um, is that an Atari I see in the background? Nice cat.

Sarah Krech

So, how's he doing?!


So, like, when are we gonna see more pics of this Orange Monster-Cat...
Like, get on it, Benito!


That is the gayest thing I've ever seen. Just playin' he looks deeeee-lish!

Billy Big Rig

Way to go, givin' an old critter a new place to live. That shows the good soul you got from yer Iowa upraisin'. We gots a lot in common!

Blink blink, flash flash!


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